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On Air, On Time and On Budget

SBA is committed to Building Better Wireless® and putting technology to work for you. When you lease up with SBA, you can be confident that you will get on air, on time and on budget.

Site Leasing Opportunities

SBA leases space on our multi-tenant towers and other communications facilities to wireless service providers under long-term lease contracts throughout the Americas, Africa and the Philippines.

We bring a full-service approach to our customers’ wireless infrastructure needs with an expansive portfolio of owned and managed sites that are highly desirable for all forms of communications.


With more than 39,000 owned towers and 48,000 managed sites, and industry-leading knowledge of our inventory, SBA provides timely solutions, enabling our customers to accelerate deployment, save capital, establish service in new areas and expand existing networks. Our portfolio offers a wide variety of attractive collocation opportunities, allowing service providers the ability to quickly and efficiently improve the quality and reach of their coverage.

With a dedicated team of professionals, SBA offers some of the fastest turn-around times in the industry from your initial application submission to “on-air” – without hidden fees. We understand the importance of “speed to market” for our tenants and we are proud to provide our customers with an atmosphere of quality service and responsiveness.

To learn more about any of our sites or our collocation process, click on the “Contacts” section of this website. Our “Country and Territory Map” located on that page will direct you to the appropriate Site Marketing Manager who will quickly respond to your inquiry.

Real Time Access

SBA provides you with clear insight into the lease process documentation, together with assurance that all structural and other necessary approvals have been ordered and are underway in a timely manner – all with real time access. Our collocation portal also offers full integration with the third-party engineering firms providing contractual services for your application and offering you real-time status for all field and structural approvals.