We provide valuable locations and sustainable infrastructure for efficient and reliable digital connectivity

SBA Communications is a leading developer, owner, and operator of shared communications sites and passive infrastructure solutions, including towers, poles, buildings, rooftops, distributed antenna systems, and associated infrastructure and services. Our high-quality, strategically located, neutral communications infrastructure is designed to be efficiently shared among multiple service providers. We provide the capital, resources, expertise, and operational capabilities so network operators and other digital service providers can focus their resources on their core business of providing connectivity, applications and content to as many customers as possible.

SBA Communications has over 17,000 sites throughout the United States and offers a full range of wireless infrastructure solutions and services. Since our entry into tower ownership in in the United States 1997, our goal has been to help improve the coverage, capacity, quality, and availability of mobile broadband connectivity throughout U.S. as rapidly and as efficiently as possible. As wireless communications evolve, we maintain our pioneering spirit and dedication to meeting our customers’ digital infrastructure needs through innovative business solutions and continuous improvement to our network infrastructure.

We Offer

Site Leasing

We lease equipment space on our towers and at our secure site locations to network service providers and to other digital service providers under long-term lease contracts. Our customer base includes all the leading national and regional wireless communications carriers as well as other digital service providers representing new technologies. We develop solutions tailored to our customer needs, obtain the necessary permissions, configure our structures and compounds to accommodate customers’ solutions, and maintain the sites and infrastructure to ensure the seamless operation and availability of customers’ networks.

Site Development

We work with communications service providers to secure properties in specific locations, obtain necessary governmental and community approvals, and construct communications infrastructure to accommodate their needs on a build-to-suit basis. Our local site acquisition, permitting, construction and operations personnel have the knowledge, experience, contacts, processes, and tools to enable the rapid development of new communications sites with the highest ethical and technical standards.

Site Management

We work with property owners to manage their locations as sites for communications infrastructure. We have the tools, expertise, and resources to market properties to communications service providers, to obtain all necessary governmental and community approvals for development of the site, to design and manage any necessary modifications required to accommodate the communications infrastructure, to coordinate installation of customers’ equipment, and to manage operation and maintenance of the communications infrastructure.

In-building Solutions

We work with property owners and communications service providers to identify indoor locations requiring improved connectivity coverage, capacity and/or service quality. We evaluate these locations to design and develop the most cost-effective solutions to meet their site-specific requirements, then deploy and operate communications infrastructure for the benefit of multiple service providers.

Conditioned Space and Enclosures at Sites

We offer cabinets, shelters and other forms of conditioned space for radio communications equipment, fiber transmission equipment, and various types of computing equipment, including state-of-the-art mobile edge computing solutions.

Tower and site Acquisitions

We are constantly seeking to grow our existing portfolio of towers through the acquisition of new tower sites, rooftop sites, distributed antenna systems, and other communications infrastructure. We offer competitive prices for purchase of this infrastructure and have the means to rapidly complete transactions.

Our strength and durable business model are built upon our robust, high-quality tower portfolio and the mission-critical role it plays in the communication networks of today and tomorrow.

We take pride in our team members’ dedication to creating positive transformation in the communities where they live, work and connect with others in the world.



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