Macro tower sites have been indispensable in bringing the benefits of wireless to our communities.

However, as the wireless industry evolves, so do the infrastructure assets that support its transformation. While macro towers remain the essential infrastructure for wireless networks, SBA recognizes that our tower grounds can be utilized innovatively to support deployment of new infrastructure assets that are helping to build the networks of the future.

The nationwide deployment of 5G networks has created new business needs and technical requirements around the tower.

The fiber industry, for example, is meeting the growing demand for fiber-to-the-tower and fiber optic cable signal regeneration with assets that can be deployed on many of our tower grounds. We can also build and deploy other developing infrastructure assets on our land and select managed site locations, including solar panels, battery storage, telecom shelters and multi-access edge computing.

With an exclusive portfolio of 17,000+ towers in preferred locations across the United States, SBA Communications can work with you to deploy the growing diversity of wireless infrastructure assets and technologies. We recognize that every situation is unique and will work with you to find the best ground solution to assist you in Building Better Wireless.