Easy Access to Capital

When it comes to selling or extending your lease, you can rely on these same SBA advantages for the best possible pricing and a quick closing for your lease restructure or buyout.

Lease Buyout

  • Our expertise works for you: Have the advantage of working with an SBA specialist who is just a phone call or email away and who knows the details of your lease. As the owner of the tower on your property, we also have all the documents needed to expedite the closing process.

  • Financial peace of mind: Gain the security of guaranteed income instead of an uncertain future. In a fast-changing industry, consolidation and mergers are always a possibility, which can mean that not as many towers are needed. Take advantage of the competitive pricing offered by SBA to maximize the value of your property today!

  • Uninterrupted payments: Receive uninterrupted rental payments while a lease restructure is in process.

  • Streamline closing costs: Let SBA pay all closing expenses associated with a lease restructure, exclusive of any advisory fees for your personal attorney or financial advisor.

Extending Your Lease

Extending Lease

More Marketable

Greater Security

If your lease has less than 20 years remaining until expiration, you should consider extending. Most carriers look for tower sites that provide them with long-term stability for their wireless assets – preferring sites with long-term leases.

Extending your Lease = A More Marketable Site = Greater Security for You and Your Family