SBA Communications is doing business in this market as Minara Tanzania.

Minara holds a National Facilities License and owns and operates more than 1,500 sites throughout Tanzania, with more sites being added monthly, as we continue to support both the mobile operators, the Regulator (TCRA) and the Universal Service Access Fund (UCSAF) in providing broadband connectivity to all parts of Tanzania.

The team provides a fully hosted colocation service, which includes the provision of power for the mobile operators. Minara has invested significantly to connect previously off grid sites to the grid, and support the reduction in GHGs and de-carbonization, as we rely less on diesel generators as either primary or secondary power solutions.

Minara is investing significantly in the development of new site locations, both in currently digitally unserved rural areas, and also in high call or data usage areas, so the mobile operators can offer broadband connectivity to everyone in Tanzania.

We Offer


We construct towers in strategically chosen locations or at the request of wireless carriers under a build-to-suit arrangement. Our highly skilled and experienced staff, based in offices around the country, ensure efficient operations and processes for high-speed tower development.


The acquisition of existing tower assets is an integral part of our portfolio growth strategy and one of our core business processes.


Minara provides antenna space, ground space and a fully supported power solution on all of our nearly 1,500 sites. These are provided on long-term contracts, supported by clear service levels and transparent pricing options.

Minara has an industry leading team of experienced infrastructure specialists who can support the mobile operators from site identification, through to installation, and ongoing 24x7 support with Minara’s network-wide remote site monitoring solution and 24x7 Network Operations Centre.


Minara has a developed a 24x7 zero diesel green site design for rural off grid locations. The power is provided solely by solar and supported by hybrid battery storage solutions, providing industry leading availability, with zero carbon emissions.


Minara provides a fully shareable duct from the mobile operators metro fibre ring to their equipment at the Minara Site, removing the last mile cost and headache for mobile operators. The duct is subterranean, constructed to best international standards and provided on a long-term contract, avoiding costly capital investments. The routes and locations are determined by the mobile operators.

We are proud to collaborate with UNESCO to provide community radio services from our tower sites.

In partnership with UNESCO, Minara Tanzania is supporting communities in rural areas with news and information for their development through the provision of community radios. Minara is proud to be part of community transformation by delivering positive impact to rural communities surrounding our telecommunication sites through service for community radios from our sites.



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