We provide valuable locations and sustainable infrastructure for efficient and reliable digital connectivity

SBA South Africa is a leading developer, owner, and manager of shared communications sites and passive infrastructure solutions, including towers, poles, buildings, rooftops, distributed antenna systems, and associated infrastructure and services. Our high-quality, strategically located, neutral communications infrastructure is designed to be efficiently shared among multiple service providers. We provide the capital, resources, expertise, and operational capabilities so network operators and other digital service providers can focus their limited resources on their core business of providing connectivity, applications and content to as many customers as possible.

SBA South Africa has over 1,800 sites throughout the country as well as a highly experienced and capable local team backed by the resources of one of the world’s largest tower companies. Since our entry into South Africa in 2019, our goal has been to help improve the coverage, capacity, quality, and availability of digital broadband connectivity in South Africa as rapidly and as efficiently as possible. We are constantly innovating to increase the value of our sites and infrastructure to benefit digital connectivity in South Africa.

We Offer

Site Leasing

We lease equipment space on our towers and at our secure site locations to network service providers and to other digital service providers under long-term lease contracts. We have a dedicated local team to understand customers’ needs, to develop customer-specific solutions, to obtain the necessary permissions, to configure our structures and compounds to accommodate customers’ solutions, and to maintain the sites and infrastructure to ensure the operation and availability of customers’ networks.

Site Development

We work with communications service providers to secure properties in specific locations, obtain necessary governmental and community approvals, and construct communications infrastructure to accommodate their needs on a build-to-suit basis. Our local site acquisition, permitting, construction and operations personnel have the knowledge, experience, contacts, processes, and tools to enable the rapid development of new communications sites with the highest ethical and technical standards.

Site Management

We work with property owners to manage their locations as sites for communications infrastructure. We have the tools, expertise, and resources to market properties to communications service providers, to obtain all necessary governmental and community approvals for development of the site, to design and manage any necessary modifications required to accommodate the communications infrastructure, to coordinate installation of customers’ equipment, and to manage operation and maintenance of the communications infrastructure.

Tower and Site Acquisitions

We are constantly seeking to grow our existing portfolio of towers through the acquisition of new tower sites, rooftop sites, distributed antenna systems, and other communications infrastructure. We offer competitive prices for purchase of this infrastructure and have the means to rapidly complete transactions.


We offer traditional and alternative energy solutions to reduce energy consumption from the primary power grid and to provide back-up power in event of a power grid outage.

SBA South Africa’s high-quality sharable, sustainable communications infrastructure addresses the increasing need for efficient connectivity and eliminates wasteful redundant communications infrastructure so service providers can focus on what is most important to connect the citizens of South Africa.

We are proud of the impact we have in supporting our communities.

At SBA South Africa we believe we have the power to make a difference in our local communities. We support diverse nonprofits across the country with the main areas of focus typically falling into four categories: Children’s Homes, Training and Development, Educational Infrastructure and Animal Welfare. SBA South Africa is very proud of our philanthropic endeavors and how we truly “Change Lives.”



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