Private 5G Networks

As your preferred connectivity solution partner, SBA can provide a Private 5G network customized to meet the needs of your organization. Unlike public 5G networks owned and operated by carriers and made available to the general public, a Private 5G network by SBA provides a dedicated and secure communication infrastructure that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Our Private 5G networks run on CBRS spectrum, offering a spectrum-sharing model and guaranteeing high bandwidth capacity, predictable connections and a wide coverage range.

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Empower Your Enterprise

SBA has the proven experience and scale to design, deploy, and manage Private 5G networks for diverse use cases for enterprises to deliver what today’s building owners seek: enhanced and seamless mobile broadband, critical infrastructure support, connectivity for IoT, and automation. Our Private 5G solution is trusted and deployed by enterprises in Commercial Real Estate, Educational Institutions, Co-working Spaces, Retail, Logistics and Advanced Manufacturing.

Maximize Your Return on Investment

Our Private 5G solution provides the network architecture and design you need to support multiple use cases and maximize your return on investment. Our technology and model allow property owners to realize cost savings from secure Private Communication for Smart Building applications and potential revenue upside opportunities. We invest 100% of the capital required to build the Private 5G networks that align with your current and future needs.

The Neutral Host Advantage

With our Private 5G solution, your organization can support the communications needs of your business and, with the neutral host structure, also be connected to multiple wireless carriers allowing users seamless connectivity throughout your building. The SBA model allows for customized traffic routing for each carrier to its home network.

Why Private Networks with SBA

Single-Infrastructure Partner

SBA offers the breadth and scale of infrastructure required for Private 5G deployment.

Performance and Flexibility

Our Private 5G offering improves the overall experience for an enterprise through our end-to-end offering. We design and deliver the end-to-end integration for smart building and IOT applications through our ecosystem partnerships.

Technology Roadmap

Our networks give enterprises 5G coverage and a roadmap to future technological evolution.