At SBA, we take a comprehensive, integrated, and forward-thinking approach to managing our assets and operations. By doing this, we can ensure that all aspects of our daily operations work seamlessly and efficiently. Our focus on collaboration and continuous improvement allows us to adapt to changing needs and constantly enhance our operations. This results in greater service quality, reliability, and performance that meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

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From Network Buildout to Asset Maintenance – Our Integrated Teams Provide Expertise and Reliability

Our Operations are responsible for an array of functions that support the day-to-day operations of all domestic assets. Our teams work interdependently to combine and leverage their individual expertise, providing value and efficiency as we make our towers and other assets ready, strong and reliable for customers.

Our in-house Engineering team designs and builds new tower sites and provides upgrades to our existing ones, while our Field Management team oversees these projects from start to finish, routinely visiting the sites to assure customer satisfaction during deployment. When a project has reached completion, our Field Maintenance team is responsible for regular inspection of the tower to ensure it is safely maintained, while our Network Operations team provides 24/7 performance monitoring and issue resolution.

Our cross-functional approach combines the efforts and experience of our engineering, field management, maintenance, support, and network operations teams, allowing SBA to ensure the highest safety, compliance and maintenance standards for all deployed assets.

Our Commitment to an Evolving Industry

As our industry evolves, our Operations team is transforming to support an expanded range of wireless assets and networks – from towers to connected venues, mobile edge computing, and DAS and private networks – to achieve positive impact on our wireless customers’ experience and operational costs.