At SBA, the acquisition of existing tower assets is an integral part of our portfolio growth strategy and one of our core business processes.

  • We seek quality sites for acquisition: from a single tower transaction to the purchase of thousands of tower assets – both in the United States and internationally.

  • Strong Partnership: SBA also partners with strong local developers who have desirable tower opportunities, providing them with access to capital and management support.

  • Rooftop Acquisitions: Additionally, we acquire antenna sites on rooftops (or other property assets) from property owners who utilize these assets for lease to wireless communications carriers.

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Our philosophy is simple: Treat all sellers fairly, provide fair market valuations, and close deals within the times frames and terms described upfront. Regardless of the size or type of transaction, SBA provides each seller or developer with the service and attention required to ensure a successful result. Most importantly, we solve problems and get transactions closed.

Our team has closed more than 1,300 transactions, representing the acquisition of thousands of towers in all 50 states of the United States, and in Canada, Central and South America, and in Africa and Asia. We understand the requirements and conditions of local markets. In a fiercely competitive market, SBA has differentiated itself by having established long-term and trusted relationships by working with tower owners, independent developers and brokers over the years on multiple, successful transactions.

If you are considering selling your towers, developing a current property, or the buyout of a rooftop (or other property rights), we invite you to contact us directly.

  • Existing Towers

    With transactions that range from the sale of a single tower to large portfolios of thousands of towers, SBA acquires existing towers, both in the United States and internationally, from individuals or companies who own and operate towers for lease to wireless communication carriers.

    • Once a Purchase and Sale Agreement is negotiated and executed with SBA, we conduct our due diligence, at no cost or expense to you.

    • We follow a comprehensive due diligence process that includes title review, survey review, environmental assessment, structural analysis, ground lease/tenant lease review and zoning/permitting review.

    • We provide successful solutions to the issues that may arise during review, and our experienced SBA team ensures that they are resolved in order to close on time and on the terms and conditions discussed initially.

    • Closing typically takes 45 to 60 days after the execution of the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

    If you are considering the sale of a tower that you own, contact us and join the ranks of the hundreds of satisfied sellers who have completed tower acquisition transactions with SBA.

  • Development Transactions

    SBA offers programs designed for independent tower developers, and we can structure a tower development arrangement tailored to meet your individual needs.

    • Through our long industry experience, we recognize that tower development often flourishes best when driven by local enterprise.

    • By partnering with independent developers in their local markets, we strive to capitalize on the established relationships and business synergies that exist between local zoning authorities, carriers and tower developers.

    In developer arrangements, we partner with developers who have identified sites where they believe multiple service providers will need to locate antennas to meet service or capacity demands.

    • SBA brings together our financial resources, management expertise and operational capabilities with the developer’s knowledge of local market dynamics to build quality, collocation-ready towers.

    • In these arrangements, developers are able to gain access to capital through SBA, maximize their local infrastructure opportunities, build a greater number of quality towers, and enhance their overall value to carriers.

    Our flexible programs enable independent tower developers to build a long-term relationship with an industry leader like SBA, while capitalizing on our scale, financial resources and production expertise in Building Better Wireless®.

  • Emerging Markets

    As SBA continues to expand our tower portfolio and seeks new growth opportunities, we have extended our business into select international markets with high growth characteristics.

    SBA has developed or acquired thousands of towers throughout the Americas, Africa and in Asia. We are optimistic about the global growth of wireless, and thus anticipate ongoing international expansion.

    We invite you to contact us directly concerning tower acquisition opportunities outside the United States.

  • Property Rights

    If you are currently leasing space to a wireless provider on the rooftop of your building or other property asset (such as water tower, bell tower or church steeple), you can create greater liquidity when you monetize your property rights through a structured buyout with SBA.

    When you partner with SBA for a buyout of your property rights interests, you enhance your financial options while you maintain property ownership.

    • As one of the largest communications site management companies in North America, SBA offers expertise and solutions to assist you in converting idle real estate assets into expanded revenue sources.

    • Our experienced site management professionals are always available to assist you and serve as your trusted advisors in the fast-changing world of wireless telecommunications.

    • SBA can offer you various buyout options in exchange for a long-term or perpetual easement, the assignment of your current leases, and the rights to market your rooftop or other property and add future tenants.

    • In each case, SBA will tailor a buyout to suit your needs, and you will receive a competitive and attractive market valuation for your property assets.

    If you would like to explore ways to monetize revenues from an existing wireless carrier lease on your property, we welcome your inquiries.