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SBA delivers opportunities and industry expertise in providing best-in-class fiber network, cellular coverage, private network connectivity and smart digital platform solutions to complement and deliver a connected environment.

We offer an open-access Connected Venue solution that provides our partners with the technology and business model to support both present and future use cases. These carrier-neutral networks are custom-built to suit the unique needs of each property, are highly customizable, and are built with upgradability in mind to ensure longevity. Core components of the solution include:

  • Dense Fiber network
  • Private LTE on CBRS spectrum upgradable to 5G when commercially available
  • Wi-Fi 6.0
  • Edge Data Center
  • Wireless operators’ 5G small cells attached to the dense fiber infrastructure

SBA facilitates the buildout of open-access networks to large hospitality and sporting venues, private communities, multi-family and mixed-use developments, college campuses, hospitals and more.

With a combination of deep technical expertise and long-standing industry relationships, SBA is well-positioned to partner with property owners and operators to develop and deploy next-generation communications and connectivity solutions.

Through our open-access model, SBA is able to:

  • Invest the capital to deploy physical infrastructure to lower barriers for service providers
  • Manage service providers to reduce OPEX and customize customer experiences
  • Provide seamless connectivity throughout all areas of the property
  • Share revenue with property owners

Traditional connectivity models require one or more carriers to invest in infrastructure – the SBA open-access model provides the investment and leaves room for all types of service providers.


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