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Richard M. Cane

Richard M. Cane, Senior Vice President, International Operations

Mr. Cane has served as our Senior Vice President – International Operations since November 2019. Prior to joining SBA, from August 2017 to November 2019, Mr. Cane was a Principal at Smart Aerial Solutions, where he advised municipalities and multiple start-ups to develop businesses related to 5G and mmW antenna communications, intelligent transport systems, wireline network transformations, fiber broadband, and smart cities. From August 2012 to August 2017, Mr. Cane served in a variety of senior roles at Ericsson, supporting managed services and field operations in North America. Mr. Cane also previously served as a senior executive for several wireless network operators including as Chief Operating Officer for Woosh Wireless in New Zealand, Chief Technical Officer for Bell Atlantic International/Grupo Iusacell in Mexico and Chief Operating Officer for PrimeCo Personal Communications in Chicago.