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Our People

Our biggest competitive advantage is our employees.

The success we have achieved as a company is based upon the focused passion and dedication of our people. Our employees’ commitment to SBA provides better service to our clients, creates an inclusive and collegial working environment and generates long-term value for our shareholders and the communities in which we serve.

SBA fosters an inclusive work environment and we respect the diversity our employees bring to the organization through their unique ideas, opinions and contributions.

Our employees embrace different backgrounds, life experiences, cultural histories and personal attributes. SBA welcomes this diversity because it makes for a more rich, creative and effective workplace. It is essential to recognize and value these differences and understand how they impact corporate goals and productivity, which is one of the many reasons why SBA holds quarterly Town Hall meetings and other informal meetings with executives, elicits employee feedback and conducts annual performance evaluations. Also in line with our commitment to diversity, 34.8% of our U.S. new hires in 2019 were women and 40.9% were ethnic minorities.

SBA is dedicated to providing equal employment opportunity and affirmative action throughout the employment process, from selection through termination, to all qualified individuals and to ensuring that all employment decisions are based only on valid job requirements. Therefore, it is our policy to not discriminate on the basis of – and to attempt to recruit, hire, train and promote persons in all job titles, and ensure that all other personnel actions are administered, without regard to – race, religion, color, gender identity or expression, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, uniform service member status, veteran status, marital status, age, disability or any other protected status in accordance with the requirements of all federal, state and local laws.

Likewise, we value all those who serve our country and are proud to support all military veterans and their families as they transition out of the military. SBA has earned the distinction of being a Veteran Employer. We are proud to have veterans on our team – their integrity, work ethic, ability to adapt and strong teamwork skills blend perfectly with the SBA core values. Therefore, SBA strives to acquire some of the most motivated and dedicated leaders in the workforce: our veterans.

In 2019, over 6% of our employees were veterans. It is our goal in 2020 to raise our veteran hires to 10%, which is why we have collaborated with Hiring Our Heroes, DirectEmployers and RecruitMilitary to actively hire veterans. SBA also has a Talent Acquisition Partner who is dedicated to military recruitment efforts as a center of excellence.

An Excellent Team

Our employees exemplify our mission statement of seeking and achieving excellence in all we do at SBA. We have offices around the world and no matter where we are located, you can see a unified culture that embodies our guiding principles.

SBA is a unique company in the fact that no matter how much we have grown, how successful we are, our employees come together to do what is right for our customers, business partners and one another. This is why all of our employees are shareholders at SBA – we embody ownership mindset. This is reflected in our culture and how we make decisions and interact both internally and externally.

For information on how we provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, visit our Safety page.


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