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Our experience, capabilities and resources assist carriers to meet network coverage, capacity and performance demands to provide high-quality, feature-rich voice and data service.

A Preferred Partner for Wireless Service Providers

Our experience, capabilities and resources ensure speed to market, making SBA South Africa a preferred partner for wireless service providers. SBA South Africa is a leader in providing wireless communications infrastructure including towers, buildings and rooftops, with more than 1,000 communications sites throughout the country. Since our founding in 2014, we have participated in the development of the shared infrastructure model for carriers to help facilitate the expansion of the country’s mobile industry.

Wireless service providers are looking for partners that anticipate their infrastructure needs and can remain flexible with build times and design. SBA South Africa provides comprehensive wireless service solutions that enhance coverage, capacity or both for current and future demand. We offer:

  • Site Leasing – Leasing antenna space on our multi-tenant towers under long-term lease contracts. Our dedicated team of professionals provides expertise, from application submission through installation, to meet wireless service providers’ network deployment requirements.
  • Site Development – Constructing towers in strategically chosen locations or at the request of wireless carriers under a build-to-suit arrangement. Our highly skilled and experienced staff, based in offices around the country, ensure efficient operations and processes for high-speed tower development.
  • Tower Acquisitions  ̶  The acquisition of existing tower assets is an integral part of our portfolio growth strategy and one of our core business processes.

As South Africa towercos transform from the traditional steel and grass model with power managed as a pass-through, network operators can benefit from the added value offered through our expertise in developing power-as-a-service.



Unit 7, 4 The Crescent
Westway Office Park
Westville, Durban 3629


Cecilia Square
100 Cecilia Street
Paarl, 7646


Capital Junction
1226 Francis Baard Street
Hatfield, Pretoria 0028


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