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Existing Towers

With transactions that range from the sale of a single tower to large portfolios of thousands of towers, SBA has a fifteen-year history of acquiring existing towers, both in the United States and internationally, from individuals or companies who own and operate towers for lease to wireless communication carriers.

Once a Purchase and Sale Agreement is negotiated and executed with SBA, we conduct our due diligence, at no cost or expense to you. We follow a comprehensive due diligence process that includes title review, survey review, environmental assessment, structural analysis, ground lease/tenant lease review and zoning/permitting review. We are proud of our ability to provide successful solutions to the issues that may arise during review, and our experienced SBA team ensures that they are resolved in order to close on time and on the terms and conditions discussed initially. Closing typically takes 45 to 60 days after the execution of the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

If you are considering the sale of a tower that you own, contact us and join the ranks of the hundreds of satisfied sellers who have completed tower acquisition transactions with SBA.

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