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Development Transactions

SBA offers programs designed for independent tower developers, and we can structure a tower development arrangement tailored to meet your individual needs. Through our long industry experience, we recognize that tower development often flourishes best when driven by local enterprise. By partnering with independent developers in their local markets, we strive to capitalize on the established relationships and business synergies that exist between local zoning authorities, carriers and tower developers.

In developer arrangements, we partner with developers who have identified sites where they believe multiple service providers will need to locate antennas to meet service or capacity demands. SBA brings together our financial resources, management expertise and operational capabilities with the developer’s knowledge of local market dynamics to build quality, collocation-ready towers. In these arrangements, developers are able to gain access to capital through SBA, maximize their local infrastructure opportunities, build a greater number of quality towers, and enhance their overall value to carriers.

Our flexible programs enable independent tower developers to build a long-term relationship with an industry leader like SBA, while capitalizing on our scale, financial resources and production expertise in “Building Better Wireless.”

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